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Some may be overwhelmed by the amount of items to sell. That's where we come in! Adding that professional touch to your sale!

Online Sales VS Auctions

It's easy to get your sale online as well! Sometimes people just want to sell and not have to wait for an auction to end.

Our online ways to sell help you

in an already tight situation!

Don't have some company haul 

your items off while you can

keep them at home! Ask about


We take multiple pictures of the items you are listing for a 57% increase in that item's potential to sell! For online auctions & sales, we tend to do an average of 3-5 pictures of each item/lot. Depending on the product. We even offer full 360 degree views of products and/or set-up.



We maximize the outreach by using every resource available to us. At any given time, we can instantly reach thousands of potential clients within a certain area with just a click of a mouse!


If you have the time, we have the ability! When choosing Estate Giants, you'll get the entire package which includes "around the clock" advertising, multi-site postings, & a professional image to match your sale. When we're fast asleep, our marketing tools are in full swing to ensure that the number of potential customers are being reached at all times of the day. Because not everyone follows the same schedule, we are also very mobile friendly which allows users to bid at their discretion.


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According to a recent study done by Pew Research Center, they found that 64% of Americans today have a smartphone of some kind. The chart on the left breaks down the usage of broadband services and compares them both at home, and for mobile users. Estate Giants utilizes today's technology to bring fast and friendly online auctions and sales!

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