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     A: The average sale can take up to 30 days from start to finish and as little as 2 weeks. Usually we can have an entire house set up in a week. Depending on the situation and the extent of the sale, we do our best to give you a fair assessment of how long and how labor intensive it may be.

Servicing estate liquidations in NoCo & parts of the metro area


"We were completely lost... Estate Giants helped us choose a direction and maximized our profits!"


Q: How much will it cost me to hire a liquidator?

       A: The great thing about Estate Giants is that you don't have to be financially wealthy to hire a professional company. Since this may be an already stressful situation, you don't need to worry about making some huge down payment! We are here to put money into YOUR pockets, not take it out!




     A: We take into consideration all the aspects of your current situation so that we can give you a fair and honest evaluation. Whether it's suggesting a complete liquidation sale or hosting an online auction, we will do our best to help guide you in the right direction EVERY time!


An estate liquidation sale is a great way to get rid of a lot of items in a short amount of time. Our specialists will go through, research, itemize, merchandise, and price items along with advertising the sales, setting dates, determining location, and times. Of course, you will always have the final say!

"After my mother died, I didn't know what to do. There was just so much excess stuff. Luckily, I found Estate Giants to help me in my already stressful situation! Thanks to the no money down option, I was able to sell the house and have some money to help with all the expenses."

 --- J. Woodall

"I just wanted to retire and Tim and company showed me how to put money in my pocket and get the most out of what I had"

 ---Vikki P.

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We service most of Colorado including a great portion of the metropolitan area, northern front range, and parts of Wyoming and Nebraska!

We all know that life will eventually happen, and it will happen to all of us. Whether you are planning ahead, or are in need of some direction, we are here to help! Handing over complete responsibility is tough! Make sure you choose the right path for you!

Most times, we just want life to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle and be able to be at  peace from all the struggles when dealing with an estate. Having a hand doesn't mean throwing in the towel! 

A liquidation usually consists of an estate liquidator that will empty the home, garage, sheds and yard with an estate sale organization or some type of auction. Often, liquidation services are accompanied by realtors, attorneys, C.P.A.s, appraisers and licensed professionals. If you are in need of an agent, we can recommend a few of our top performing realtors!


When the unexpected happens, we need to be able to regain control and rebuild for the future. Our company is with you every step of the way! Not every situation allows for the time needed to sell piece by piece. Having us host your sale is a great resource to get money in your pocket for all of your unwanted items! If time is of the essence, than an estate sale should be your first thought. If you have a broader duration or are located away from prime markets, then an online auction may be a better option. (See AUCTIONS tab for info)